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50 DFY Raffle Templates In The Hottest Niches

Enjoy our freshest, done for you campaigns to sell to clients from day one… and help them turn raffle players into leads, subscribers and cash!

  • Save time trying to think up new designs and raffle ideas for clients
  • Instantly launch new raffle games within minutes - we’ve done all the work!
  • Test new raffles at scale to see which works best for clients!
  • Tap into money-making raffle ideas you never knew existed!

Real Life Value: $149


DFY Agency Website with Paypal Checkout

We’ve built you a complete lead generation agency website, ready for you to go live and start collecting orders today!

Real Life Value: $3000

DFY Website Setup

We’ll even set up your website for you, customized and branded, ready for you to launch your agency tonight

Real Life Value: $599


Done For You Facebook and Google Ads!

We’ve created all your Facebook Ads and Google Ads for you, so all you have to do is set them live and watch the clicks and clients come rolling in!

You’ll get our killer Facebook and Google Ads Creative and Ad Copy, all done for you, saving you hours of work and heaps of cash on copywriters and designers!

These ads are fully editable. Add your Brand Name, Logo and website URL, then run them on Facebook and Google to start getting paying customers faster than ever!

Real Life Value: $700

DFY Web Banners

Promote your agency through Google Ads, media buys, affiliates and more, with these stand out banners that will help you drive crazy amounts of clicks to your new agency website for pennies on the dollar!

Real Life Value: $199


DFY Swipes

Use these email swipes to instantly promote your new agency to your list, or to other people’s lists as a JV deal. Or simply give them to your affiliates or freelancers to drive leads to your door night and day!

Real Life Value: $1200

DFY Legal Contract Format

Stay safe and protected with official legal contracts for running your lead gen agency.Look professional, get taken seriously and keep yourself out of hot water.

Real Life Value: $299


DFY Client Proposal PPTs

Win new clients with a professional, engaging and persuasive proposal presentation that explains what you do, why you do it and what it will do for the client.

Record as a sales video for YouTube or your website, or use face-to-face with prospects and watch the bookings roll in!

Real Life Value: $750

DFY Client-Getting Traffic Campaign

Need to send traffic to your agency website and win clients today? Then use our ready-made video ads for instant exposure today! Never worry about getting traffic again.

Save hours of video creation and let us do all the hard work for you. You can start getting clicks, traffic, leads and clients for your agency TONIGHT!

Real Life Value: $599


1-1 Help To Make Sure You Succeed

We’re going to work with you 1-1 in private to make sure you are successful, no matter what!

We’re deadly serious about this… we want you to crush it with VidRaffle so we’re going to do everything we can to make sure you’re rolling in cash and multiplying your investment with us today.

This is a SUPER RARE offer that we will probably never do again, because it takes up most of our time and resources…

… but we’re opening the doors to our personal help for a very limited time, so don’t wait another second to lock this in and guarantee your success in 2022-23!

Real Life Value: $2500

VidRaffle Video Creator

Instantly unlock our secret software that creates your raffle videos for you! Save hours of work and get awesome videos for your raffles in seconds, not days.

This powerful and simple video creator can create eyeball grabbing, high converting videos for all your clients raffles without hiring freelancers, video experts or designers.

You can even turn previous content including text, audio and video into BRAND NEW videos in a single click… EPIC!

This is a total gamechanger that helps put your agency on autopilot!

Real Life Value: $197


Plus… you’re getting these two powerful
apps to win clients fast and easy…

Our Top-Secret Client Lead Finder Tool!

Real-Life Value: $1000

Want to find hot new clients for your Marketing Agency in minutes from now? Then you’ll love this powerful tool!

This is our secret weapon for finding local biz owners who are desperate for some red hot leads right now… and will happily pay you big bucks for them! Then simply use VidRaffle to generate those leads fast and cheap!

You can even use this tool to find clients who would KILL for their own Raffle Games to be set up on their social accounts or website. Use your VidRaffle Agency license to create Video Raffles for them in seconds… another easy income stream!!

You can even use this tool to find clients who would KILL for their own raffle to be set up on their social accounts or website. Use your VidRaffle Agency license to create raffles for them in seconds… another easy income stream

Client Appointment Scheduling App

Real-Life Value: $1000

Book sales calls, team meetings and other client meetings with this professional, powerful scheduling app.

Stay organized, look professional and make sure you never miss an important meeting with prospects or existing clients!

See What I Mean? How Can You Possibly Fail With All Of This Done For You?

In the past, starting an online agency was HARD WORK…

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Now, we’ve done all the work for you…

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… and DELIVER AWESOME RESULTS FOR THEM… even if you have no clue what you’re doing or never made a dime online before!

Upgrade Now And You’ll Also Unlock These
Essential FEATURES To Help You Run Your
Agency Like A BOSS…

Team Member Access

Invite up to 10 members of your team to collaborate on your Video Raffle projects for clients and choose the level of access for each team member. It has never been easier to manage your team and scale your lead gen agency profits!

Unlimited Client Login Access

Allow your clients to see results for themselves! Your clients can view their Raffle marketing campaign performance directly so you don’t have to report to them every time.

Share VidRaffle Campaigns

With this feature you can share campaigns built in your account with any other VidRaffle user with just a one click.
All you have to do is hit the share button and you will get a Campaign URL which you can pass it on to other VidRaffle users and it will ask them to import the campaign as it is.


Plus Heaps More Surprise Bonuses Hidden Inside!

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  • 50 DFY Raffle Templates In The Hottest Niches - Real life value: $149
  • DFY Agency Website with Paypal Checkout - Real life value: $3000
  • DFY Website Setup - Real life value: $599
  • Done For You Facebook and Google Ads! - Real life value: $700
  • DFY Web Banners - Real life value: $199
  • DFY Swipes - Real life value: $1200
  • DFY Legal Contract Format - Real life value: $299
  • DFY Client Proposal PPTs - Real life value: $750
  • DFY Client-Getting Traffic Campaign - Real life value: $599
  • 1-1 Help To Make Sure You Succeed - Real life value: $2500
  • VidRaffle Video Creator - Real life value: $197
  • Our Top-Secret Client Lead Finder Tool! - Real life value: $599
  • Client Appointment Scheduling App - Real life value: $599

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Frequently Asked Questions

new Will starting my own lead generating agency be easy for me?

Yes, now starting your very own lead generation agency will be dead easier with our VidRaffle Agency Pack!

Because with this upgrade you are getting everything that you need to start your own profitable agency, new customers and sales.

It’s a complete Done-for-You Agency Business Setup model. 100% newbie friendly!

new What will the DFY (Done-For-You) Website do for my business?

The Done-For-You Website comes with Paypal payment gateway integration, allowing you to accept your client payments. It also comes with readymade SEO optimized website content.

All you have to do is add your logo and brand name. That’s it!

We are even helping you setup your website and giving you all the promotional material which will help get traffic, leads and sales.

new How can I share vidraffle campaigns without restrictions?

You can also share VidRaffle Campaigns built in your account with any other VidRaffle users with just one click using our Campaign Sharing feature.

All you have to do is hit the share button and you will get a Campaign URL which you can pass it on to other VidRaffle users and it will ask them to import the campaign as it is.

new I wish to invite Team Members to collaborate on VidRaffle campaigns - is it possible?

Yes, you get to invite up to 10 Team members to work together on your clients’ Raffle projects and choose their access level.